www.computerwebstore.co.uk – Maybe they are just incompetent?

A long chat with a representative from Sage Pay – who couldn’t (understandably) give any specific information, but who said that if there were a certain number of complaints against any of their merchants, Sage Pay would withdraw its service.

The implication being that they haven’t had that many direct complaints… so either there’s a bunch of us who have just been unlucky, or more people should complain!

Computerwebstore.co.uk update #1

So far I’ve had responses from:

Merseyside Police – I now have a crime mumber! – 20091204-0033

Sage Pay – A fairly standard email, but also – A tweet to my twitter account, and a personal comment on my blog – Really good start by Sage

123-reg – A personalised email, which – while they can’t do much, did involve the guys at 123-reg doing a little DNS digging for me – so thanks to them for that

Have also dropped an email to MoneyBox Live the BBC R4 program.

www.Computerwebstore.co.uk – A scam retailer or just utterly stupid?

A while ago I blogged about my experience with an online retailer (here) – www.computerwebstore.co.uk. I ordered some stuff, they took payment, then never delivered. There was no way of telephoning them, only an online form which kind of makes it clear that they don’t give a flying fig.

And it seems they’re STILL at it!

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